Thai Beetroot soup – Purifying, nourishing and simple!


I love my weekly veg box. Nothing brings me or Macy more joy than delving into the box and finding all the treats we have for the week, and planning all the things we can … Read more →

My Journey With Systemic Candida – Often Frustrating But Always With a Glimmer of Hope

Candida, my journey

Many of my friends would likely say that I was one of the healthiest people they know. And based on appearances, I can see why. I love eating a plant filled diet. More often than … Read more →

Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla & Hazelnut Pots

photo (6)

Anyone who knows me can vouch for me being a slight avocado addict. I absolutely love avocados. I often eat them for breakfast. Granted, I have not always loved them, so all you anti avocado lovers take note. … Read more →

Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Chocolate Muffins

photo 2-2

This week we had a family birthday, so that meant that there would definitely be cake on the menu. These occasions often fill me with a bit of panic, as cake more often than not … Read more →

Apple Crumble – The Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Free (& Vegan!) Way


I had a cupboard full of apples that not even little Macy munchkin would not be able to finish before they turned fluffy. I have not been eating fruit for a while due to my … Read more →

Buckwheat Pancake Day the Gluten Free Way!


Considering the lateness of this post, you can probably guess that I completely forgot it was pancake day. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover that I had an excuse to eat pancakes for … Read more →

Living a Nourished Life is More Than Just Food


Walking home from work tonight was beautifully peaceful. Pretty unexpected as it was Friday night just as all the pubs were throwing out. I chose not to fill my ears with Daft Punk to speed … Read more →

Sugar. How much is too much for little people? My favourite alternatives & a recipe


The debate on sugar and its side effects is as hot as ever. This makes me particularly happy! Probably being viewed by many as a neurotic mother due to my absolute determination not to feed … Read more →

My Favourite Way to Start the Day – Quinoa Power!


I’m not afraid to shout about my love for quinoa. In the past couple of years it has become a staple in my kitchen. One of the reasons for this is due to our choice … Read more →

5 Reasons Why I’m a Quinoa Addict, why you should be too (and a speedy recipe)


Quinoa has to be my ultimate grain of choice. Strictly speaking it’s not a grain, it is in fact a seed, which goes some way to explaining why it is so nutritionally rich. Light and … Read more →