My Favourite Way to Start the Day – Quinoa Power!


I’m not afraid to shout about my love for quinoa. In the past couple of years it has become a staple in my kitchen. One of the reasons for this is due to our choice as a family to opt for  a gluten free existence. We all have differing reasons for this choice; Mr D has Ulcerative Colitis and finds wheat aggravates his condition, I am eating to combat Systemic Candida, and we choose not to feed our daughter wheat as she often complains of a sore tummy after doing so. Since removing wheat from our diet, we all notice the after effects when we do eat wheat; bloating, that feeling we have swallowed a lead balloon and general lack of energy.

Part of the Anti Candida Diet is to eradicate all types of sugar out of your diet. This includes all grains unless gluten free, sugar and all types of fruit and vegetable sugars. It can seem pretty limiting when first eating this way, however I have found ways and means of eating to keep variety in my life!

My favourite way to start the day is with a savoury version of Quinoa Porridge. It sounds strange to begin the day with savoury food, however not introducing sugar so early in the day means you won’t find yourself craving more at 11am. It is a very Western tradition to have a sweet breakfasts. In Asia you are likely to find people enjoying a savoury breakfast. Blood sugar levels are more stable when sugar is not put into the body first thing and this means hunger levels are kept in check, leaving you feeling more energised throughout the day.

If you are still not convinced on this being the best way to start your day, then maybe this next bit will help… Quinoa is actually a protein. It contains good levels of calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. Avocados are a complete meal in themselves, they contain 20 essential nutrients, including potassium, vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid. They also act as a “nutrient booster”, enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluable nutrients from the foods the avocado is eaten with. Chia seeds are super duper seeds! The list of their health benefits is huge. The word “chia” comes from the Mayan language and means strength. The main benefits are that they stabilise blood sugar, contain a high concentration of omega-3 oils making them anti inflammatory, boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass, help to detox the colon, are high in protein, improve brain function due to the essential fatty acids contained within, and finally they provide fiber, iron, calcium, niacin, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus! I cant think of any cereal that contains such goodness! Hopefully I now will have convinced you to give this next recipe a go!

Now as I am a complete quinoa addict, I always have a batch of quinoa cooked ready in the fridge to speed up making this in the morning. You can cook the quinoa in the morning if you like, it just adds an extra 15mins to the cooking time.

Quinoa Savoury Porridge

Serves 1

65g cooked quinoa

1/2 small avocado chopped

1 tsp chia seeds, pre-soaked in 50ml of water overnight or in warm water in morning if like me you often forget!

1 good squeeze of fresh lemon

1 tsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Place the quinoa in a bowl, heat up somehow! Boiling water, then drain or microwave works well.

Add avocado, chia seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.

Mix well and enjoy the energising goodness of the super power breakfast!

I would love to know your thoughts on savoury breakfasts, does the thought turn your stomach? Would you miss that sweet hit in the morning? Have you tried the above recipe and noticed a difference to your energy levels throughout the day? I would love to hear from you whatever your experiences! As always, if you like this post, please share away and get others feeling energised and nourished first thing in the morning!

With love,

Ellie x

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  1. I really love this post! As a sugar addict in “rehab”, I am on the lookout of good breakfast tips and this looks really tasty! :)

    • Thanks Marthe! Life without the sugar can sometimes be difficult, I know all to well myself. Thankfully I have many recipes to help combat the addiction, can’t wait to keep sharing. Thanks for being the first person to comment, I feel blessed!

  2. Yum. I’d never thought about why we have sweet things for breakfast. Seems strange when you think about it. Will definitely try this. Thank you for a lovely article!

  3. Neil and I are super inspired, got a long list of ingredients to buy! Some big changes to make ! X

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